Downton Abbey: Episode Four

My apologies for the tardiness, but I had to spend a few days making the screencaps because I just didn’t want to let go! Now that the first series has finished, what did you think? I hear series two (Fall 2011 for you lucky Brits, and Jan 2012 for we Americans and Canadians) will begin in 1916! Any predictions?

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8 replies on “Downton Abbey: Episode Four”
  1. says: Charleybrown

    I predict… that the wait will be long. Many re-watches of Downton in the meantime and fans everywhere will be sniffing out the smallest lead for any detail of season two.
    Seriously, someone’s gonna die, who will it be? I will have a hard time forgiving Fellowes if it’s Bonneville, perhaps poor William might meet his fate? It would be too satisfying for it to be Thomas, and don’t think that he’d finish off the heir apparent yet. You don’t suppose it would be Batman, do you? Plot would have Bates and Anna find their way to each other only to have him perish in the war? Whatever would #TeamBates do??! Oh, I would love to know what Fellowes has in mind for season three!

    Thanks for taking the time to do the caps!

    1. I can see Thomas being a POW, being released by a German lover, and sent back to Downton as a spy! LOL…so much evil you can do with that character. I don’t think Fellowes would kill anyone off…I hope. Maybe a missing arm or something–though I hope everyone comes back to Downton whole. 😉 As for Bates/Anna, I see her becoming an ambulance driver in France and Bates helping her cope with shell shock.

  2. says: heidenkind

    I predict Edith will run off and elope with someone in desperation. Sybil will become a nurse in WWII. And of course Bates will take up his old post as a super-secret spy for the Home Office. 😉

  3. says: Mina

    Oh wow, 1916. That’s skipping a bit isn’t it? I can see a few months, but two years?! I’m not sure I have any prediction yet.

    Mom and I are going to have to rewatch DA a lot over the next year. We are starting our third viewing tonight hopefully.

  4. says: Frank FARDATTA

    Okay, my predictions for the next season of Downton Abbey:

    Mary and Matthew fall in love but Edith sabotoges it. The Turk death scandal? Of course. Edith wants Matthew for herself.
    We have not seen the last of Carson’s former vaudeville friend Charlie. He is the father of Thomas. His girlfriend was O’Brien on stage. She is Thomas’ mother out of wedlock.
    William and Thomas are drafted into the war. Both survive.
    Matthew is drafted, Mary falls more in love with him, but the scandal breaks them up, thanks to Edith.
    Matthew learns some secrets about Thomas. (Homo Scandal with an officer?)
    O’Brien and Thomas find out Daisy saw the whole Turk death thing and Daisy spills the beans. O’Brien tries to blackmail Cora and Mary for hiding the body of the Turkish ambassador’s son. Cora is desperate. She confesses to Robert and it causes a rift in their marriage. She takes the blame for the Turk (that she slept with him. She does this to save Mary’s reputation, for the money), and Robert suspects the Turk was the father of Cora’s (lost) baby. Anna saves the day.
    Anna and Mr. Bates continue their distant love affair. Bates has a secret. Shocks Anna, but she is in love with him and he can’t follow up. He is already married!
    Sybil becomes a Sufferargette. She meets her guy in the last few episodes and becomes the savior of the family fortune.
    Gwen and Tom the chauffeur fall in love and move on to a middle class, political life.

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