WWI Wednesday: Housekeeping in Wartime

This earlier post on rationing in wartime discusses the change in eating habits and heating methods, and now we’ll look at some recipes that filled the newspapers and cookery books of the day. Leek and Pork Pie Cut up small one bundle of leeks, wash, and place them in salted boiling water. Let boil twenty …

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Going to Market in Edwardian London

London goes to market at Covent Garden, the one district which is astir early. Six o’clock is late and at eight the bargain hunters begin to be seen. At ten the garbage is being swept up and picked over by street combers, and before noon this heart of old London is deserted. The actual area …

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Picnics And Picnicking

In order that a picnic should prove the unqualified success it should be, more than a fine day and pleasant company – both highly important items – are required. Forethought must be exercised by the hostess in regard to the countless small details which go to make up the comfort of her guests. Leave nothing …

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