WWI Wednesday: Wartime Rationing

Don’t Waste Bread! © IWM (Art.IWM PST 13354) It must have been a great shock to the Edwardians to go from extreme lavishness in meals to extreme want during the height of the war. During the early months, food prices soared as Britons fearfully stocked up on basic necessities and other foodstuffs. However, this was …

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The Care and Feeding of Edwardian Pets

If you are a cat lover like me, one of the greatest pleasures found in owning a cat is when they cease their caterwauling around the house to be fed! It’s amazing how quiet a rambunctious cat can be once you pour a can of wet food or scoop a handful of dry food into …

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Fascinating Women: Agnes Marshall

During the late Victorian era, the name of Mrs. A. B. Marshall could be found fixed over the door of her large cooking school and employment agency on Mortimer Street, in culinary magazines, on cooking utensils, cookbooks, food products, supplies, and cross-country lectures. By the time of her death in 1905, she had sunk into …

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