The Fine Art of Flirting

Apparently, in the 1880s, there arose all manners of flirtatious signals between men and women. This was no doubt due to the increasing informality between the sexes as they rode bicycles sans chaperones, danced all night beneath gas lamps, and sometimes were employed in the same company. The following modes of flirtation were found in …

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Entertaining English Royalty

AT the time of the Tranby Croft baccarat case a very bitter and powerful article appeared in one of the leading English weekly papers, entitled “Purveyors to the Royal Family.” Without actual mention by name of any of the wealthy plutocrats whom the Prince of Wales at that time delighted to honor with frequent visits, …

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Fascinating Women: Infanta Eulalia of Spain

The Infanta (a title given to daughters of the Spanish monarch) incited controversy from a very young age, and consistently caused a furor until the day of her death. The youngest daughter of Queen Isabella II of Spain, Eulalia spent much of her childhood exiled with her family in France. When her brother was restored …

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