The Elkins-Abruzzi Affair

A few years before Anita Rhinelander Stewart nabbed a royal title, there was another American heiress who made an attempt to capture a gentleman born to the purple: Katherine Elkins, the daughter of West Virginia Senator Stephen Benton Elkins. Her suitor was the Duke of Abruzzi, the grandson of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy, …

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English Court Dress

I wrote about Court Presentations nearly five years ago, and back then there were plenty of pictures and illustrations of women in their court dress, but it was difficult to find any of men in their court dress. Fast-foward to today and more libraries are adding to the digital archive. Gentlemen who have no Special …

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Review: The Real Elizabeth by Andrew Marr

The mystique of the British monarchy is seductive, particularly to Americans, and I am not ashamed to admit I indulged in a bit of “royal watching.” Though my favorite monarchs (or at least the happenings during their reigns) are Edward VII, Henry II, Edward IV, and Charles II, the unique challenges faced by Elizabeth II …

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