Edwardian Halloween Costume: A Merry Widow

Lily Elsie made a splash in The Merry Widow, and went on to dominate musical theater during the Edwardian era. Here are a few resources to recreate her iconic look in the operetta.

lily elsie

The Hat


$39.00 from Berkeley Hat

Add White Feathers and Black Feathers to complete the trimming!

The Blouse


$36.00 from Pickled Vintage or the White Victorian Grand Dame Blouse from Restroscope Fashions.

The Skirt


$62.00 from Premiere Designs Historic Clothing or from the Ladies’ Emporium.

The Jacket


$102.00 from FanPlusFriend.

The Boots


$29.80 from Forever21.

The Accessories

$5.80 from Forever21

$8.80 from Forever21

$0.25 from Etsy. Ribbon for choker and ribbon necklace

$4.99 from Amazon

Tips for recreating the Edwardian look, circa 1908-1910:
1. Chokers and filigree-chain necklaces, or multi-strand pearl necklaces
2. Maxi (long) skirts
3. Jackets with lots of buttons and/or embellishments
3. Suede or leather high-top boots
4. High-necked blouses
5. Wide-brimmed hat trimmed with feathers or plumes
6. Gloves


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