An Edwardian Christmas: Philippines Edition

An hour later they safely stumbled into a cluster of chromatic light. Georgie wondered if she had fallen under some kind of enchantment….Surrounding the church were hundreds of colorful star-shaped lanterns hanging off white-blossomed frangipani trees. Georgie stood frozen in place, overwhelmed by the feeling that she had entered a secret village of wood sprites. …

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Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You All

2013 was a pretty tough for me, but what kept my spirits up was the knowledge that I was providing entertainment and pleasure for anyone who subscribes to the blog or happens to stumble across it during the internet searches. The community and connections I’ve forged through blogging (and tweeting and Facebooking) are invaluable to …

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A St. Patrick’s Day Sociable (with Recipes!)

DANCE OF COLLEENS The most successful feature of a pay entertainment given on March 17th was a chorus of “Irish Colleens,” who sang Irish ballads, to the great enjoyment of the audience. The colleens were twelve pretty girls wearing homespun frocks and wreaths of shamrock. They carried little shillalahs (blackthorn clubs) specially made for the …

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