Mrs. Alec Tweedie on Edwardian Bachelor Girls vs Jane Austen’s Old Maids

Mrs. Alec TweedieIn the days of Jane Austen women made pickles and jams and conserves, or cured hams, while waiting for a husband. When the husband came not, they languished and died. But now women are all vitality and life.

Manufacturers make jam and pickles; women have discarded satin shoes for walking, and donned stout boots; they no longer enjoy galloping consumption, but galloping after hounds.

Women are virile and alive to-day; they hate being thought weak just as in Jane Austen’s time girls hated being thought strong.

Women The World Over (1914)


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One reply on “Mrs. Alec Tweedie on Edwardian Bachelor Girls vs Jane Austen’s Old Maids”
  1. says: Sabrina

    It’s funny reading that final paragraph because some women in 2011 would’ve considered the Edwardian women as weak as their sisters from 1810. I guess each generation thinks they are superior to the previous one, eh? Now just for laughs have you watched that video called Jane Austen Fight Club? It’s absolutely hilarious!

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