Winter Costumes

1900 winter costume

1902 winter walking costume

1903 furs

1905 winter costume

1909 winter walking costume

1913 winter fashion

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4 thoughts on “Winter Costumes”

  1. I love looking at these pics. I know PETA would not approve, but these ladies look fabulous.

  2. Fancy. 🙂 Sometimes, though, I wonder if the majority of women actually wore this stuff–like in the fashion magazines we have now, what percentage of the clothing would you actually wear? It’s pretty small for me.

    1. I do know that the drawings were exaggerated–and you can’t always trust photographs either, since they were frequently retouched by the photographer! But I posit that women with money to spend, just as today, but not a lot of personal taste, would have the clothes seen in fashion magazines copied directly by their seamstresses.

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