SPONSORED GIVEAWAY: Westminster Nightgown

From HERO’S WELCOME, General Store in North Hero, Vermont: We found this nightgown nearly 30 years ago in a London antique shop…a forgotten treasure from Edwardian England. Fascinated by it, we created heirloom-quality reproductions for our “Westminster Lace” stores which many of your readers may remember. It was a huge success! These classic nighties are …

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Winter Break!

Thank you all for your comments, visits, emails, tweets, etc this year! Because of you I managed to meet my goal of one million unique visitors in a calendar year! Woot! Look for the return of our regularly scheduled program after Christmas, and happy holidays!

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The Etiquette of the Shooting Party

There are large shooting parties and small shooting parties, shooting parties to which royalty is invited and shooting parties restricted to intimate friends or relations, but in either case the period is the same, three days’ shooting. If a party is limited to five guns, seven ladies is the average number invited, the hostess relying …

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