Edwardian Promenade readers, Downton Abbey fans, lend me your ears

Temporarily breaking my radio silence to welcome you to August, which just so happens to be the month of Edwardian Promenade’s fifth anniversary! It’s difficult to believe I’ve been blogging this long, right? I’m pretty amazed that I’ve found enough material to cover in five years, and that I have barely scratched the surface of the many topics, personalities, films, and books I can write about on Edwardian Promenade. Since you all have subscribed to my sporadic newsletter (hoping to rectify this), I’m pleased to not only give you a sneak peek of what I have in store for the month of August, but to give you bonus opportunities to win the special giveaways! For legal reasons, I regret that all physical giveaways (print books, DVDs, etc) are restricted to contestants residing in the contiguous United States, but anything digital is open to all!

So here goes:
Courtesy of PBS, I have four sets of Seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey (Region 1)–so the weekly winners will receive both DVDs
Courtesy of Shire Books, I have facsimile copies of The Gentlemen’s Letter Writer and Complete Etiquette for Ladies, and assortment of their fabulous history titles
Courtesy of me, I have two print copies and four digital copies of my book and one copy of The Marlborough House Set by Anita Leslie
Courtesy of me again, you historical fiction writers out there will have the benefit of spending one hour to chat with me on Facebook about your MS to make sure you’re on the right track accuracy-wise.
There will possibly be more prizes, so check back for more details.

Individual giveaways will open and close on that same day (i.e. Monday or Friday), but the DVD giveaway will run for the week (for example, Sunday, August 5th to Friday, August 10th, with names drawn on Saturday), during which you will have multiple chances to enter your name/email combo for consideration. If you have any other questions, leave them right below in the comments, and once again, thank you all for helping me reach this five year mark! I deeply appreciate your support, and hope the next five years will be just as stellar.


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14 replies on “Edwardian Promenade readers, Downton Abbey fans, lend me your ears”
  1. says: Jillian Lark

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary! I’ve been lurking here for most of those years. Thanks for the terrific information and the fantastic giveaway!

  2. says: Ashlee

    Congrats on 5 years! I recently came across this site while doing research for my YA historical novel set in 1912-15…this is such an exciting resource! For the giveaways, do we watch for an announcement and then submit our name/email? Thanks!

  3. says: Melody

    I just found you last week (ummmmm, clicked over from some page due to my Downton Abbey addiction…) but have been fascinated with Edwardian Era clothing for a decade!

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. says: Louise Kahler

    Never mind sporadic! You are doing a top-notch job! Move with the spirit as it moves you – and congratulations on five years….. well done! Thanks for the opp to win somethimg cool!

  5. says: Robin Woods

    I really appreciate Edwardian Prominade and have learned that so much of what I thought is in fact true! I am real excited about these giveaways but more so that you have this wonderful anniversary!

  6. says: Karen Field

    I haven’t been onboard for more than a few weeks but I love this site! I think I got here via Two Nerdy Girls or a Downton Abbey location. In any case I’m sorry I’ve missed so much prior to this. I would love to win your book, The Marlborough House Set, and the Shire books. I love them, so much information! Do I need to comment on all posts made during the month of August in order to possibly win one of them?

    Congratulations on 5 years! You must feel so pleased to have found such a following!

  7. says: Carol Lee Cherry

    I found your website just last week and used it to listen to the theme from Downton Abbey over and over again! I get the hint…I have just purchased the CD! I can hardly wait til Jan and the 3rd season. Thanks so much for the first 5 years and may there be many many more.

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