Guest Post: Downton Abbey Bingo

Downton Abbey Bingo © 2014 Paste Media Group
Downton Abbey Bingo © 2014 Paste Media Group

By Jane Dolton

Fans of Downton Abbey are still trying to keep up with the twists of Series 5 Episode 4, and while this latest episode introduced a few new plot twists, it also brought back some old characters we haven’t seen in a while. You may be tempted to rewatch some of the old series just to see the significance of some of these characters, and if you’re doing this, then you may want to invite some of your friends to play a round of Downton Abbey Bingo with you!

In these past few years, we’ve seen bingo transform into a popular pastime, thanks to its migration to the internet. A booming hobby in the 1950s, the game had seen dwindling memberships until the introduction of online bingo, and we’ve seen more people become entranced by the game. This is thanks mainly to the big prizes that can be won from online bingo games. Reports from Free Bingo Hunter, a website specialising in cataloguing the hundreds of online bingo portals out there, show that online bingo games now give away prizes ranging from £50 shopping vouchers to a brand new Peugeot 208 – something land-based bingo halls could only dream of.

But the popularity and versatility of bingo is also the reason behind Paste Magazine’s invention of Downton Abbey Bingo, a game that you can play with your friends as you sit down for a Downton Abbey marathon. Simply print out the cards that Paste Magazine has made available on their website and get your markers and daubers ready. Look over each of your cards and study them carefully, and decide on what pattern you’re going to be aiming to complete. As you plough through each episode, mark off the elements of the show that appear on your respective bingo cards. The first person to complete the predetermined pattern wins the game!

About Jane Dolton: Ever since Downton Abbey aired its first episode, Jane has been infatuated with the show regularly holding Downton Abbey-themed parties for her friends. Jane also enjoys reading poetry and spending time her with husband of 15 years.


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