HBO Documentary Film – Triangle: Remembering The Fire

CNN will present the HBO documentary TRIANGLE: REMEMBERING THE FIRE this SATURDAY, MARCH 26 at 11:00 p.m. (ET)/8:00 p.m. (PT), it was announced jointly today by HBO and CNN.

TRIANGLE: REMEMBERING THE FIRE tells an historic story that is still relevant today. On March 25, 1911, a catastrophic fire broke out at the Triangle Waist Company in New York City. Trapped inside the upper floors of a ten-story building, 146 workers – mostly young immigrant women and teenage girls – were burned alive or forced to jump to their deaths to escape an inferno that consumed the factory in just 18 minutes. It was the worst disaster at a workplace in New York State until 9/11. The tragedy changed the course of history, paving the way for government to represent working people, not just business, for the first time, and helped an emerging American middle class to live the American Dream.

TRIANGLE: REMEMBERING THE FIRE, which debuted March 21 on HBO, was directed by Daphne Pinkerson; produced by Daphne Pinkerson and Marc Levin; written by Michael Hirsch, Richard Lowe and Daphne Pinkerson; scenes from “The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal” directed by Mel Stuart. For HBO: senior producer, Nancy Abraham; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.

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    1. I missed the HBO airing, so I’m glad CNN is airing it–especially since more people have CNN than HBO. I was reading a few of the comments on YouTube and many expressed their frustration with the superficiality of American history in elementary, middle, and high school, and I have to agree. When I first heard of the Princess Ka’iulani film I reviewed a few weeks ago, I was very surprised at my complete ignorance of how Hawaii became an American state! So I really hope plenty of people tune into this documentary.

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