Four Generations of British Royalty

The birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, the as yet unnamed Prince of Cambridge, marks the first time four generations of ruling and future monarchs have lived since the reign of Queen Victoria. In the following photographs you see Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales (future Edward VII), the Duke of York (future George V), and Prince Edward Albert of York (future Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor) in 1896–the year of Edward VIII’s birth–and 1901.

Four Generations, 1896

Four Generations, 1901

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9 thoughts on “Four Generations of British Royalty”

  1. The first photograph is somewhat humorous given that Queen Victoria famously loathed babies. She thought they were repulsive and had as little contact as possible with her own children during their infancy.

        1. How about King Charles Philip and leave out the III? I guess it is kind of silly to need to be numbered if you just happen to be named after an ancestor, especially if the ancestor was not your father.

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