Awards to Blogs I Love

The ladies at Jane Austen Today and Elizabeth of Scandalous Women have bestowed high honors upon my blog within the last two months. Without further ado, I pass on the awards to the following:

Unusual Historicals
Zoe Winters
Suzanne Arruda
Vauxhall Vixens
Belinda Kroll
Agent Kristen
Nineteen Teen
Regency Ramble
The Victorian Era

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7 thoughts on “Awards to Blogs I Love”

  1. Thanks Evangeline!

    Also, I love love love love your new blog redesign. It’s gorgeous!

    And LMAO @ the submit button saying: “Submit Cupcake.”

    See this makes me unsure if I’m submitting a cupcake or being called a cupcake. 😉

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