As some of my readers know, I write historical romance. Edwardian Promenade was begun as a place for me to “dump” all of my research and has spun off into a delightful website and community. However, posting regularly is a big time suck, and after spending countless weeks writing, re-writing, editing, and designing GILDED, I realized how much work I actually took on with creating this site and launching a magazine. Couple this with agonizing over the content for both upcoming blog posts and upcoming issues of the magazine, and I’m spent. Plus, I’ve devoted so much of my time to this site and its wonderful readers, I neglected actually doing the writing which inspired my love for the Edwardian era (ironic, isn’t it?).

So here’s the game plan:

1) The “Fascinating Women” posts will remain on a bi-weekly basis.
2) There will be a monthly post on great public domain books I’ve discovered on Google Books.
3) I’m hoping to rope in Melody of Redeeming Qualities for book reviews. ;D
4) More etiquette and food posts.
5) Spotlight on websites, interesting photographs, links, and films I come across.
6) General unexpectedness.

What do you think?


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6 replies on “Ch-Ch-Changes”
  1. says: Audra

    I can’t imagine how much time you spend on this site but I’m not surprised you need a break! I love your proposed changes — I hope you take more time for yourself and your own writing!

  2. says: Melody

    Seriously? I would LOVE to.

    Also, when your blog starts to feel like work, it’s definitely time to rethink. Obviously, lots of people love your blog, but your enthusiasm is a big part of what makes it special, and without that it wouldn’t be as fun.

    1. You would? That’s great! I’ll email you about getting started. ;D

      And yes, I completely agree. I definitely do not want to stop blogging for the site, but it became a bit overwhelming when I thought about how to juggle it with the magazine and my own writing.

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