Week 4 Giveaway: Downton Abbey DVD set

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For the fourth and final week, leave a comment below to enter the giveaway!

Remember, these are Region 1 DVDs, so US residents only.

Contest open until Friday, August 31st, at Twelve (12) Midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). Winner will be drawn on Saturday, September 1st.

It has been such fun running this contest, and good luck!

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55 thoughts on “Week 4 Giveaway: Downton Abbey DVD set”

  1. I woke up in the worst mood today- this, however, has cheered me up some. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Evangeline,

    Congratulations on yesterday’s official fifth anniversary of this site! There’s so much to learn here. I can’t wait for Season 3 of Downton Abbey.


  3. This is it! Down to the wire! Gimme DVDs.

    No, that doesn’t sound very Edwardian, does it?

    Kindly be so gracious as to bestow DVDs upon me.

  4. Thank you for showing us the most aesthetically vibrant era ever! Vive La Belle Epoque!

  5. The last chance! Great tv viewing, and EP is a fantastic site for folks like me who just keep wondering about things.

  6. I am writing a novel during this time period and I would love to learn more about it. I have never seen this series! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Yay, here’s to more upcoming blogs and a successful continuance of Edwardian updates!

  8. I say! I say! On our last tour of circumnavigating the globe, We seem to have missed Downton Abbey! Kind regard’s to all there, and please send My DVD, Forthwith, as always your humbel servants, Viscount James K Paquette jr and my loyal wife the Duchess of Stoughton, Mrs Mary Paquette of Stoughton

  9. I hope to win this week! I’m filling in the time until Season 3, with the original run of UpstairsDownstairs on YouTube. Thank you for this opportunity for the past month. I really adore this blog & I have learned so much from it! Yea, Evangeline!!!

  10. Have watched the first 2 seasons 3 times already and that is just not enough! I need to refresh my memory by owning the set. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Great giveaway! You’ve inspired me to do one for my blog for the upcoming new Season 3! Just found your little pocket guide to Edwardian England. I think I will get the kindle edition in the future – it looks great!

  12. I love Downton Abbey! I visited Highclere Castle this summer and as I walked through I kept recalling my favorite scenes!

  13. I’m a Downton Abbey addict!!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait till January to see series 3. I wish I could move to UK before Sept. premire!!!

  14. “Downton Abbey” is by far the best show on television today. Who would have thought that a period drama would capture the world’s attention?

    All the wonderful actors in this show truly bring the characters to life. We cry with them, laugh with them, feel their pain, and share their joy. Folks both upstairs and down have become our family.

    I can hardly wait to see Season 3.

    Best of luck to cast and crew for a successful new season.

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