GIVEAWAY: The Chronicles of Downton Abbey

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as my own, and you are full of turkey! Now on to Christmas, which is marked by today–Black Friday–the door-busting shopping extravaganza. For my own gift of thanks to you all, I am giving away one (1) copy of The Chronicles of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes courtesy of St. Martin’s Press & Wunderkind PR. If you haven’t read the interview with Jessica from last week, here’s your chance to do so now. To be entered into the giveaway (US only!) leave a comment below about what event you most look forward to in season three!

To whet your appetite, here is an exclusive picture from the book, with Laura Carmichael (Edith) and Hugh Bonneville (Robert)!

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey


Visit the official US website, read a digital excerpt, watch the trailer, or follow Downton Abbey on tumblrPinterest, and Twitter!


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35 replies on “GIVEAWAY: The Chronicles of Downton Abbey”
  1. says: Laurie E.

    The event I am looking forward to is the wedding of Mary and Matthew. The party in the picture looks fun too!

  2. says: Nancy K.

    What could be more fun than watching sparks fly between Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham and Martha Levinson?

  3. says: Sarah L.

    The most obvious thing I look forward to is Matthew and Mary’s wedding. After that just catching up with all the characters and seeing how their lives have progressed.

  4. says: Alisha

    Please enter me! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I appreciate the reviews and interesting tidbits that you bring to our attention!

  5. says: Amanda Barratt

    Like everyone, I’m looking forward to the big M & M wedding. Plus, finding out what happens to Edith in Season 3. Hoping she gets a great storyline!

  6. says: Davidn

    I am looking forward to watching the Earl’s coping with being caught between his mother and his wife’s mother, especially given those two characters as written and as their respective actresses portray them.

  7. says: Caroline

    I can’t wait for Mary and Mathew to finally get married and I’m excited to see what fantastic clothes they dress them all in this time!

  8. says: Nancy Gayle Warren

    Would love to see a wedding…ANY wedding!! Just adore them. Of course more parties and more dancing would be a big plus! The Roaring Twenties are in their beginnings and ” FUN “is the word of that decade. So here is to more FUN on this great show.

  9. says: Katie

    I hope they explore more about the mystery of Cousin Matthew. The man who claims to be him was put off pretty quickly, but I think there is more to the story.

  10. says: NJGill

    This afternoon, I watched (re-watched, actually) a movie called “Blow Dry” – the cast includes Alan Rickman, Josh Hartnett, Sandra Griffiths, and Bill Nighy as a flamboyant hair-dresser, whose orange-spiked-haired assistant Louis was played by none other than Hugh Bonneville (Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham).
    Quite a contrast, I think you’ll agree! The movie also features the late lamented lovely Natasha Richardson – still a shock to remember her tragically premature death.
    I eagerly await watching Series 3 – hope Thomas gets his comeuppance, and Daisy gets a little more happiness in her life.

  11. says: Ariadne

    I’m hoping we actually do see Mary and Matthew get married without more drama. As for the other characters, I’m just hoping they get much better lines than they did in s2.

  12. says: Emily

    Love this page! I’m looking forward to all the adventures these characters get themselves into. I would like to see how their lives have changed and how they’ve grown for better or worse. Plus, meeting Cora’s mum looks to be pretty fantastic!

  13. says: Patti G.

    I am eager for more of everything – clothing, historical points, romance and trouble, the social inequities. Why do we love to see “how the other half lives”? I can’t wait!

  14. says: Meggie V

    Oh, Mary and Matthew’s wedding of course! I’ve blocked all my favourite Downton places so when I see it in January it’ll be for the first time. 😀

  15. Oh, I can’t wait for Lady Sybil to return. Oh, and Shirley MacLaine. Dowager Countess and mother-in-law is going to be great. See the difference between American and British. Oh, and Mary and Matthew…Alright, I’m looking forward to it all.

  16. says: Abby

    I’m looking forward to everything! It’s been all I can do to not peek at what’s happened. The internet is such a dangerous place. 🙂

  17. says: Courtney

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Edith. She really is one of the most interesting characters on the show now. Will she try to trump Mary’s wedding with one of her own? Or will she find something else to do with her life?

  18. says: Carole Cox

    I never tire of looking at Hugh Bonneville! More 🙂 all kidding aside, I just look forward to where the story takes me. it is wonderful and I look the escape!

  19. says: Ruth

    I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction between the Dowager and Cora’s mother and hoping for some happiness for Edith.

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