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I own a ton of Baedeker Handbooks (paid a pretty penny for a few of them) and now I find that they’ve been uploaded to Google Books! Take a trip through Great Britain of 1901, Berlin in 1910, Austria-Hungary before WWI, or the United States, Cuba, and Alaska in 1909.

Travel around the Night Side of London, or discover where to eat in the city with the Gourmet’s Guide to London.

Learn Lina Cavalieri’s secrets of beauty, or how to do your hair, lose weight, and pamper yourself in Beauty Culture: a Practical Handbook.

How about the etiquette of New York society vs that of London?


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7 replies on “Found in Google Books”
    1. I’m grateful for Google Books because I’ve found so many books I coveted on abebooks available for free. On the flipside, as in the case of my numerous Baedekers, I’ve spent a nice sum on books I can now download!

  1. says: Emma Hox

    Google Books has been such a wonderful thing for me. I travel a lot and I love being able to pull google books up on my phone and get comfortable in an airport chair with a good book.

  2. says: Vic

    I adore Google Books, which makes it easier to quote from sources by simply cutting and pasting. I also like owning the books, for there’s nothing like touching and holding them. I own only one Baedeker, so this is a lovely find.

    1. I’ve visited GB since its inception and am overjoyed at each new update they make to the site (still waiting on the ability to download certain pages, though ;D). They’ve been a lifesaver on my budget, since I’ve spent nearly $800 over the past few years on Baedeker’s and secondary and primary resources relating to the Edwardian era. I think I have close to one thousand ebooks on my hard-drive b/c of GB!

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