Books on Sale: Downton Abbey readalikes

As the icy chill of winter, 1914, settles on the magnificent country estate of Summerset Abbey, three young women seek comfort and warmth in the smiles of friends, the fire in their hearts, and the promise of spring. . . . Victoria Buxton With her delicate constitution but strong, unflappable spirit, Victoria has never followed …

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Downton Goes “Over There”

As I am but an humble American citizen and cannot legally access the latest season of Downton Abbey, what I can say about the happenings and history of series two will derive from what spoilers I glean from articles and stray tweets. So Edwardian Promenade and I are forced to march out of step with …

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Gilded : Pre-Launch Issue

I’ve put together a simple and sweet magazine in conjunction with Edwardian Promenade. Please click on the link to download the ‘zine and tell me what you think! [download id=”2″]

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