Downton Goes “Over There”

As I am but an humble American citizen and cannot legally access the latest season of Downton Abbey, what I can say about the happenings and history of series two will derive from what spoilers I glean from articles and stray tweets. So Edwardian Promenade and I are forced to march out of step with my fellow British Downtonites until it airs on PBS in January. However, never fear, I have many Edwardian & WWI tricks to pull my from hat!

For now, I direct you to Trench Warfare: A Manual for Officers and Men (1917) by J. S. Smith.

Click on the page to open the book:

Trench Warfare by J.S. Smith


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    1. says: Evangeline

      According to a note in the book, Smith was an American who enlisted in in the British Army in 1914, so I assume he wrote this for the benefit of newly-arrived American troops.

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