Found Object Art: Lady Monson

Ms. Moore is a found object artist (definition according to wikipedia: “art created from the undisguised, but often modified, use of objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a non-art function.”) whose interest in and fascination for the Edwardian period dissects with mine. Her interest in Lady Monson (nee Romaine Stone) stemmed from an article in The American Almanac Year-Book Cyclopaedia and Atlas, which listed pages of American heiresses married to European noblemen.

In tribute to Romaine, who was a woman of intelligence as well as beauty, I was inspired to create a high collar necklace with her portrait. Her face, from the Cyclopaedia, is collaged on a scroll-patterned oval pendant, suspended from a fine antique cut steel and brass button, and a cockaded band of lustrous recycled sari silk of a royal hue, layered with natural brass chain and antique cut glass beads.

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