Return To Passchendaele and Vimy, 1928

I found this yesterday as I was researching Passchendaele (or the Third Battle of Ypres) for my novel, and found it brilliant and incredibly moving. I hope you will too!


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6 replies on “Return To Passchendaele and Vimy, 1928”
  1. says: Hels

    It is very personal and meaningful because those were the grounds that grandfather fought over and they were the Canadian brothers left behind. But how shocking that the buildings were still razed to the ground a decade later.

    I am very glad the Imperial War Graves Commission sent architects, masons and gardeners to Ypres and other war theatres, to build important monuments and to look after the graves. Thanks for the link


  2. says: Robin Woods

    For those of us who had grandfathers who fought there, it was enlightening to see this area I had heard so much about and see how the cemeteries were cared for so far from home. Thank you for sharing

  3. says: Mary Tod

    I visited those sites two summers ago and wept at what happened even though today the fields look so gentle. I’m working on my third novel about WWI. Such a sad, compelling time.

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