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“Edna May – Superstar” — written and published by Charles Pascoe
ISBN 9780986853005 — 104 pages — illustrated, 22cm — 1st edition

Edna May – Superstar is more than just a true story, it’s an historical account of the passion of life.

Born of a humble background, a young Syracuse, New York girl went on to conquer the hearts of not just the Americans and British, but, just about the whole world. She crossed the ocean and had the most influential, powerful and wealthy of men seek her affection. Every nobleman would dine her and every socialite invited her for tea. Her picture was in every shop in London. She won fame and fortune by being The Belle of New York. And in the midst of her stardom, she never forgot who she was. She would become…the world’s first superstar…Edna May.

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Edward Allen, writing as E.A. Allen, has a new entry in his Montclaire Weekend Mystery series: The Fifth Christmas.


Gilbert is dying. Well, at least Gilbert — Lord Hadley — believes he is dying. He was cursed you see, by that Holy Man in India, in 1882. The old Sadhu condemned poor Gilbert to suffer hellish sicknesses — torments of body and mind — for four years and then, in the last year, to die in his agony. It is 1909, and for the past four Christmases Gilbert has suffered those vary afflictions and with increasing intensity. And now, the curse is once more upon him. Perhaps too late, he calls upon Gerard de Montclaire to sort curse from crime, cruelty from cowardice, in one of the great French detective’s most challenging investigations. In the end, Montclaire his associate, Colonel Sir Francis FitzMaurice, will discover unspeakable murders and an insatiable appetite for revenge. But, he and Fitz must work fast. This is The Fifth Christmas.

On Sale for 99 cents.

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  1. says: hels

    You should have a competition – who was the greatest star of the late Victorian and Edwardian era? I would put my heart behind Sarah Bernhardt but that may be because I know Bernhardt very well and Edna May not at all.

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