Preparing for Travel to 1900s Europe

In going from America to Europe, the first and most costly step is always the ocean journey. A note to the different steamship companies, whose boats sail from all the great Atlantic seaports, will bring by return mail an immense amount of literature, wherein the advantages of each particular route are fully set forth, with …

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When I Was a Child of Other Lands

Yesterday, I happened upon a recent post by the small, but fascinating blog, the Victorian era, about a book called When I Was a Girl in Holland, which detailed life for a girl in 1880s Holland. I used my Googlefu and not only discovered this book, but other books in a series of books titled …

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Briticisms and Americanisms

Our British brethren are great sticklers for ancient usage so far as spelling is concerned. Booksellers, publishing books for sale on both sides of the water, find it necessary to use the English orthography, if they wish to capture British trade. Yet the same people who insist that “honour” must be spelled with a “u,” …

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