Edwardian Motoring at the California Automobile Museum

The one thing I really, really adore about the Edwardian era is that it is the age of the automobile. It’s only fairly recently that I discovered a car museum in my neck of the woods, and I jumped at the chance to visit during Museum Day. Stationed beside the building were a bevy of early Fords, and a lovely gentleman indulged my interest in the 1927 Ford he donated to the exhibit for the day.

Click through the gallery to see a selection of photos!

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4 replies on “Edwardian Motoring at the California Automobile Museum”
  1. says: Cynthia White

    Isn’t it cool how so many of these early models still have the look of the carriages they eventually replaced? It would be fun to ride about in one of these. Not on the road, but maybe in a park-like setting. . .

    1. Yes! That’s why they called them “horseless carriages” in the 1890s. I wish I could have taken a spin in one of them. One of the gentlemen there said he knew of some kids who took their driver’s test in a Ford Model T.

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