Reminder for RSS Feed and Email Subscribers

I’ve just checked my Feedburner account and there are 642 people subscribing to the RSS feed using Feedburner and 442 people receiving posts via Email. I know technical stuff may be a hassle to deal with but if you do hope to remain a subscriber to Edwardian Promenade, please, please, please look at this post on the actual website.

Those of you who wish to receive posts via email must subscribe again in the space provided (right beneath the capital letters “Subscribe to Edwardian Promenade via Email”.

Those of you who wish to receive posts via RSS (which is how you see the blog in Google Reader, Outlook, etc), please copy and paste this link into your preferred blog reader.

Remember, Feedburner will close its doors Octoober 20th, so please do not delay!

Thank you,




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2 replies on “Reminder for RSS Feed and Email Subscribers”
  1. says: Will Law

    Just so you know, Feedburner is not shutting down on the 20th. The only thing happening on that date is the shutdown of the stats API; RSS feeds will still work. Now, that said, it does seem that Google is likely to shutdown Feedburner at some point in the future so moving away from it isn’t a terribly bad idea but, at this point, it’s anyone’s guess when that will be.

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