Saturday Soirée: The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life by Lyndsy Spence

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The Mitford Girls Guide to Life

AUTHOR NAME: Lyndsy Spence

BOOK TITLE: The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life

DESCRIPTION: A look at how the perennially popular Mitford girls would cope with modern life, with rare and unpublished images from private family albums, and extracts from archived interviews previously unused.
Nancy Mitford was the ultimate tease, and her talent for mockery reformed the publishing industry in the 1930s and 1940s. Indeed, the Mitford girls’ popularity provoked Jessica to label it “The Mitford Industry.” All six sisters were blessed with beauty, wit, and talent, and although they were each individual they exploited these attributes to the best of their abilities, and serious matters were not excluded from mockery. Laughter was their key to getting through difficult times, and their life experiences, although sometimes maddening, are a lesson to all. So how would the Mitford girls cope with the pressures and turmoil of modern life? Whether it is Pamela’s guide to throwing a jubilee party, the Mitford guide to shopping, or Diana’s tips on how to stay young, this quirky and fact-filled book answers that question and many more.

BACKGROUND OF BOOK/WRITING: I run The Mitford Society; an online group dedicated to the Mitford girls. I’m represented by the Diane Banks Associates and my niche is writing about ladies from the 20s-40s. I’m working on a biography of Diana Mitford and Bryan Guinness, which is set to the backdrop of the fast paced 1920s and turbulent 1930s. I am also working on a biography on Margaret Lockwood. I’m also interested in old films.

Twitter: @mitfordsociety
Facebook: The Mitford Society

PURCHASE WHERE: Directly from The History Press; Amazon UK; Amazon US; Waterstones; Foyles and all good bookstores!


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  1. says: Elizabeth K Mahon

    This book sounds awesome! I’ve been fascinated with the Mitford Sisters since high school.

  2. says: Elizabeth Varadan

    This sounds like a lovely idea. (The every other Saturday idea.) And this book sounds so interesting. Thanks for the links, too.

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