Annie Oakley, Sharpshooter, 1894

Filmed November 1, 1894, via Kinetoscope in Thomas Edison’s Black Maria studio by William Heise and W.K.L. Dickson, Annie Oakley was about the 11th film made after commercial showings began on April 14, 1894. Oakley’s early movie star opportunity followed from Buffalo Bill and Thomas Edison’s friendship, which developed after Edison personally built for the Wild West Show, which was the world’s largest electrical power plant in the 1890s.


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4 replies on “Annie Oakley, Sharpshooter, 1894”
  1. says: hels

    This is spooky. This morning I was writing out a list of tv programmes we were allowed to watch in the later 1950s. My parents couldn’t afford a tv, so the neighbour let all the children in between 7-7.30 PM every school night for the American time slot:
    Texas Rangers
    Whirly Birds…
    But I couldn’t remember Annie Oakley! Thank you!

    1. I’ve been watching a lot of old Western TV since a new retro TV station began airing on my cable plan. It’s fun to watch, not only because my mom grew up on these shows, but because it’s doubly a bygone era: looking back on the 50s & 60s looking back on the 19th century.

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