News & Pictures from S3 of Downton Abbey! + giveaway

Downton Abbey S3

It seems fitting that news and official photos from series three roll out on the last week of my month-long celebration of Edwardian Promenade’s fifth anniversary, isn’t it?! ITV has finally lifted a bit of the embargo on news of the third series, and I present them to you all, so you don’t have to go scrambling about the web. And don’t forget to visit my Downton Abbey Portal for regular updates!

As they face new challenges, the Crawley family and the servants who work for them remain inseparably interlinked. Throughout the great house new arrivals rattle the established hierarchies, and the lives of the inhabitants are as shaped by romance, ambition, desire, shocks and heartbreak as ever. The secure, serene and ordered world of Downton is rocked by passions below the surface and there are changes above and below stairs. The third series, set in 1920, sees the return of all the much-loved characters in the sumptuous setting of Downton Abbey.

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This week’s final Thursday giveaway includes a copy of Don’ts for Husbands and Dont’s for Wives, a facsimile of a real book published in 1913, and a paperback copy of Anita Leslie’s marvelous book of Edwardian gossip, The Marlborough House Set. Leave a comment below with your speculations about the upcoming series of Downton!


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18 replies on “News & Pictures from S3 of Downton Abbey! + giveaway”
  1. says: Jane Steen

    I believe the Edith/Sir Anthony Strallen story will be prominent in S3 and that things will not go entirely smoothly for Matthew and Mary (I bet the Mr. Pamuk scandal resurfaces). The trailers already hint that Cora’s mother will be in the thick of the action. Of course Sybill will find herself in the middle of a civil war…things weren’t good in Ireland at that time.

  2. says: Jillian Lark

    I think Sir Richard will try to blackmail Lady Mary, Tom and Sybil will return, Cora and Isabelle will continue to quarrel, and Cora’s mother and Violet will take an instant dislike to one another. Things will not go well for Bates, and the relationship between Matthew and Mary will be strained for a while.

  3. says: Henry Heck

    Robert will find Downton Abbey impossible to maintain, and it will be converted into a luxury B&B managed by a freed Bates and Anna. Robert and Cora find life less stressful abroad (south of France). Lady Mary and Matthew see the end coming, and Matthew resumes his legal career and goes into politics, while Mary becomes a successful writer. Their first child arrives. The interaction between Violet and Cora’s mother is heated and spawns a new mini-series. Sybil and Edith embark on new, less conventional lives.

  4. says: N J Gill

    Enjoyable as Downton Abbey has been and will continue to be, I’m sure, none of its action has taken place in the Edwardian period. Maybe someday soon there will be a TV series based in that neo-Georgian era encompassing WWI and WWII and the years between the wars. And a century from now, reminiscences about the second Elizabethan age may be all the rage.

  5. says: Joshua

    I’m excited that we’re entering into the post-war period and into the Jazz Age. I’m hoping poor put upon Edith will really take to be a flapper and become her own thing. It’s still a decade away but as we get closer to the time when Gosford Park took place, I think it’d be very cool if a character popped up – like Stephen Fry’s bumbling inspector. Nothing too much, but a crossover cameo would be fun.

  6. says: Joshua

    I’m looking forward to them entering the post-war period and into the Jazz Age! Love that period. I hope poor put upon Edith takes to being a flapper and becomes her own thing. As we get closer, though still a decade off, to the time setting of Gosford Park, I think it’d be cool if there was a crossover cameo. Say, Stephen Fry’s bumbling inspector or something? Also, somebody convince Gillian Anderson to do a role as Cora’s sister or something!

  7. says: Kathleen

    Looking forward to S3…can’t wait to see the dynamics between Violet and Martha….Just wish that we didn’t have to wait until January for the airing !

  8. says: Maria Cristina Bruschi

    I speculate that Carson and Matthew’s Mother will form a special friendship !!! LOL :)) can’t WAIT for Season 3!!!

  9. says: Joyce Bolin

    I’m so excited to see DA3. I will have to make a new 1920 gown now so that I’m in proper attire to watch the coming series. This is great. Thanks

  10. says: Robin Woods

    What will happen in Season 3? Who can tell? Except, we know that Lady Cora’s mother arrives and gives The Dowager a run for it!

  11. says: Amanda Barratt

    Oh! Love these pics! So cool! Can’t wait for the trailer!

    I sooo hope we see more than one wedding in season 3!

  12. says: Karin Foster

    It’s lovely that Shirley MacLaine will play opposite Maggie Smith and I hope to see lots of scenes with them both in it.
    I was recently in the UK & went especially to see Highclere Castle where the series was filmed. All the rooms are exactly as portrayed yet seemingly smaller than on TV LOL.

  13. says: Beverly

    Alas, I have no comment as I haven’t seen it before. Might be due to the fact my PBS station is several years behind in most things. =/

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