It’s Back: Downton Abbey, Series Two

Here’s something that will tide you over during Labor Day weekend (for Americans and Canadians)!

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From Spoiler TV

Episode: 1 of 8

Sunday, 18 September 2011, 9:00PM – 10:30PM

The Great War unsettles life at Downton and Isobel’s surprising news about Matthew rocks the family further. New maid, Ethel ruffles O’Brien’s feathers and Bates returns with life changing news for Anna.

The combat spoilers and speculation ITV has taken down its detailed synopsis of the first episode. To conform with this, as well as help those who dislike spoilers, I have amended this post as well. However, if you can’t help yourself, here’s a peek! Also, keep watching the other post about the second series–I am constantly updating it with new articles.


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6 replies on “It’s Back: Downton Abbey, Series Two”
  1. says: Charleybrown

    It’s Labour Day for Canadians too!
    I took a peek at your description for Episode 1 and now wished I hadn’t. ( Luckily I didn’t read the entire thing.) I usually can’t resist spoilers but in the case of Downton, I think I’d rather wait another couple of weeks and watch it unfold! Thanks for the post!

    1. says: Evangeline

      I wasn’t sure, but I’ve amended my post!

      I’m a spoiler hound, so I had to read the entire description, and now I know what to expect. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

      1. says: Charleybrown

        Ah, thanks for including us! I feel guilty since I’ve not yet taken advantage of enjoying the lovely weather on this fine weekend!

        I usually fall into the hound-ish category as well but have learned to peek less often lately as I’ve found it does spoil the fun. Little details are welcome but it seems that film producers (and trailers) like to give it all away!

        1. says: Evangeline

          It’s much too hot here (in California) for me, lol, so I’m relaxing inside.

          I do understand not wanting to spoil one’s fun, but at least the producers held back on the episode descriptions in the press pack. And I purposely placed a HUGE space between the pictures and the description.

          1. says: Charleybrown

            Yes you did leave a space so eyes could be averted! Mine however were sorely tempted and then punished for peeking 🙂
            I noticed that ITV removed the detailed synopsis. I’m happy they did so that there won’t be too many people discussing its content.

            1. says: Evangeline

              Or so that people wouldn’t complain about spoilers! Once again, I find it amusing that the storylines for Sn 2 are being kept tightly under wraps when the press pack for Sn 1 laid everything bare.

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