The Duties Of The Cook And The Parlourmaid

Different types of households required different types of servants, and in smaller houses, the servants combined the duties taken on by multiple servants in much larger houses (compare 165 Eaton Place to the palatial Downton Abbey). Here we have the duties of a cook and parlourmaid in an upper or middle-class household (likely in London). …

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An Edwardian Breakfast

More than one’s residence, food and fashion greatly demarcates the wealth–or poverty–of the individual or family. During the Edwardian era, this was never more true, though, with the introduction of mass produced foods in America, those with less wealth could now afford to eat a bit more healthier. Starting at the top, the upper classes …

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African American

Social Washington: the “Colored” Aristocracy

From the end of Reconstruction until the Great War, Washington was the center of the black aristocracy. Nowhere else in the United States possessed such a concentration of “old families,” not merely from the District and nearby Maryland and Virginia, but from throughout the country, whose emphasis on family background, good breeding, occupation, respectability, and …

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