Downton Abbey: Nursing & Military Hospitals on the Home Front

Perhaps due to poetic license, or historical media hearsay (i.e. inaccuracies that become “fact” due to continuous repetition in TV, movies, and literature), the second season of Downton Abbey shows a largely abbreviated and fictionalized version of life in a country estate-cum-military hospital. Sue Light, a British Military Nurse historian and blogger at This Intrepid …

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The Construction of a Couture House

I’ve just begun another marathon of The House of Eliott (which has lit a new fire beneath a plot I’d thought long burnt out), and as an ex-fashion student and after watching Signé Chanel, a documentary on the preparation of Chanel’s Fall 2005 collection, I grew interested on the construction of couture houses of La …

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The Courtesan

Belle Epoque France was relatively free of the hypocrisy of Edwardian England, and there, the courtesan flourished. The exploits, the rivalries, the fashion, the lovers, and the wealth of Les Grand Horizontals were given equal coverage as the doings of Tout Paris, and in fact, where the courtesans led, the smartest of the smart set …

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