NaNoWriMo, Writing, & On This Week’s Silence

Forgive my radio silence. Not only is it NaNoWriMo, but I had a book I had to complete. Now I am done and have a brand, spanking new, glorious, wonderful 106k novel about the star-crossed love affair of an American heiress and an English duke in the years leading up to WWI. I might need …

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WIP Research: The Alexandra Trust Dining Rooms

MY WIP largely takes place in the East End, and my research has taken me into surprising directions. Before now, I filtered my view of the East End through Dickens and the Jack the Ripper murders, and perhaps a few snippets from Mayhew from time to time. Needless to say, these were myopic: yes there …

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This month, rather than my pithy ponderings on the Edwardian era, you shall hear nothing but the scribble and scratch of my ink pen over reams of paper as I work towards 50,000 words by the end of the month. No, I’m not drafting a constitution, but I am crafting my magnum opus (err…not really) …

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