Vintage Fiction for Your Downton Fix

Major publishers were quick to cash in on the rousing success of Downton Abbey by suggesting books they felt would appeal to fans of the show. Not surprisingly, they and the multitude of comments from others, chimed in to suggest tons of non-fiction, literary fiction, and classic fiction of the Edwardian era and WWI. Longtime …

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Vintage Review: The Clue

The Clue is Carolyn Wells’ first mystery novel — it’s from 1909 — and possibly her best. Much as I love Carolyn Wells, I’m completely willing to admit that there’s a certain sameness to her mystery novels — the beautiful young woman freed from some kind of oppression, the implausible solution to the mystery, the …

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Vintage Fiction

Vintage Review: The Man in Lower Ten

Mary Roberts Rinehart wrote all sorts of different things — the small percentage of her works that I’ve read include mysteries, serious novels, funny novels, funny short stories, a Christmas story, and a memoir, and I mostly loved them all. But it’s her mysteries — and mostly her early mysteries — for which she’s most …

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