Downton Abbey

The real Sir Richard Carlisle & the birth of the Tabloid Press

On Downton Abbey, Sir Richard Carlisle is smooth, urbane, influential–and incredibly rich. Carlisle has built his fortune in newspapers–and not just any newspaper, but the tabloid press. His real life counterpart, Alfred Harmsworth, Lord Northcliffe, founded The Daily Mail in 1896 after earning his first million with cheap dailies and weeklies covering nearly every demographic …

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African American

Alonzo Herndon and his Crystal Palace

The amazing and outrageous dichotomies of life under Jim Crow were embodied in Alonzo Herndon. Each day, he traveled from his home to ride at the back of a street car to his barber shop in Atlanta, where he then entered the building from the rear entrance. When Herndon’s barber shop opened for the day, …

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The Right Clothes for the Right Occasion

According to Mrs. Humphry, “It is a duty one owes one’s friends to dress well” and “it is absolutely true, though in a very limited sense, that the tailor makes the man.” Furthermore, she instructs, “if he commits flagrant errors in costume he will not be invited out very much, of that he may be …

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