African American Arts Literature

The Souls of Black Folk: Arts & Literature

Literature Paul Laurence Dunbar James Weldon Johnson Frances E. W. Harper Pauline Hopkins Alice Dunbar Nelson Art Edmonia Lewis Meta Vaux Warrick Henry O. Tanner E. M. Bannister May Howard Jackson Music Harry T. Burleigh E. Azalia Hackley Thomas G. Bethune Scott Joplin James Reese Europe Will Marion Cook J. Rosamond Johnson Marie Selika Flora …

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Smoking Etiquette

Smoking in the nineteenth century underwent many amusing changes, per the advice of etiquette books. Guides to modern behavior once stressed how vulgar it was to smoke, but when ladies took up the habit, it behooved these arbiters of social instruction to catch up with the times. From 1844’s Hints on etiquette and the usages …

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Love Men Sex Women

The Men and Women’s Club

In the summer of 1885, Karl Pearson founded The Men and Women’s Club with the aim to discuss “all matters…connected with the mutual position and relation of men and women.” Pearson drew his members from middle-class liberals, socialists, and feminists, and over the lifespan of the club (1885-1889), discussions ranged from sexual relations in Periclean …

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