House Hunters: Edwardian Style

House hunting was a serious concern to middle- and upper-class Edwardians. They were not only concerned with expense and location, but sanitation and transportation. The most common method of finding a new home was to drive around suitable neighborhoods and search for “To Let” signs. On these signs were listed the general details of the …

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Review: The Edwardian Country House by Clive Aslet

When I was offered this title for review, I leaped at the chance to read it as I consider Aslet’s books on architecture and interiors to be utterly sublime. I frequently reference my tattered copy of The American Country House when I want to get a glimpse of the wealthy on my side of the …

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The Costs of Living Abroad in London

Compared to the Continent, prices are higher in London, where apartments of the first rank are often grouped into what are called “Mansions,” while anything under this in the scale is reckoned as just a plain flat. English people are aghast when they hear one mention a thousand pounds a year as the rent of …

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