Interior Design

Edwardian Interiors

Interior design of the Edwardian period, proper—that is, 1900 to 1914—was the beginning of modern living. The technological advances of the previous decades (i.e. the telephone in the 1870s, electricity in the 1880s, and plumbing in the 1890s, et cetera) took root around the turn of the century, and the Art Nouveau and Arts & …

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Fashion Society Women

The IT Girl: Lady Duff Gordon

History has unfortunately immortalized Lady Duff-Gordon as the cold, imperious woman who, with her husband, Sir Cosmo, commandeered a lifeboat to themselves during the sinking of the Titanic, thus completely ignoring her position in history as one of the first couturiers. Lady Duff Gordon was born Lucy Christiana Sutherland in 1863. Her sister, the future …

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