Preparing for Travel to 1900s Europe

In going from America to Europe, the first and most costly step is always the ocean journey. A note to the different steamship companies, whose boats sail from all the great Atlantic seaports, will bring by return mail an immense amount of literature, wherein the advantages of each particular route are fully set forth, with …

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When the World Took to Wheels

The bicycle had become commonplace and affordable, but the motorcar not yet ubiquitous, so it is a given that roller skating–essentially wheels on your feet–became an overnight sensation in 1905. Granted, there was a brief craze for roller skates when they were first massed produced in 1880s America, but the introduction of the bicycle no …

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The American Assault on Edwardian Society

The growing prevalence of a Yankee accent, indigenous or acquired, in smart drawing-rooms today, significantly betrays the New World leaven continually at work. Oddities of pronunciation are but the outward and audible sign of novelties in ideas. The nasal intonation reminds one that, on both sides of the Atlantic, social ideas increasingly conform to the …

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