Preparing for Travel to 1900s Europe

In going from America to Europe, the first and most costly step is always the ocean journey. A note to the different steamship companies, whose boats sail from all the great Atlantic seaports, will bring by return mail an immense amount of literature, wherein the advantages of each particular route are fully set forth, with …

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The Engagement of Servants

A very general method of obtaining servants is by answering advertisements, or inserting advertisements for the kind of servants needed. In this latter case care should be taken to make the advertisement quite intelligible; as much information should be given in the space respecting the requirements, wages, age, etc., etc., as possible. Then there are …

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On the Management of Edwardian Husbands

BY MRS. NAPIER MILES “Management is a stupid word,” said Diana Templewick, when I asked her opinion on this all-important subject. Not being married myself, I felt hardly qualified to tackle so serious a problem single-handed; and I have never yet discovered the question which Diana has not been able to answer. I had found …

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