The Joys of Edwardian Newspapers

I love the smell of old books and newspapers, and love being able to read news and gossip directly from the source as opposed to modern-day interpretations, so I was excited when Thomas Walker of Historic Newspapers contacted me asking if I’d like a few newspapers from their impressive archive. I said yes, of course, …

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Photographs of India under the Raj

According to the Daily Mail, 178 plate-glass negatives were found inside a size-nine Peter Lord shoebox by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) in Edinburgh. They are said to have been taken in the country at the time of the British Raj and it is thought the negatives were …

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Halloween Paradoxes from 1912

Halloween Paradoxes. – THE EVENING before All Saints’ Day, formerly called All Hallows Eve, was originally given to religious observance. Modern usage now spells it Halloween, and it is now devoted mainly to mischief. In the larger cities that enjoy adequate police protection the impulses of male youth on Halloween are held in check, although …

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