The Morning Tea Tray

The Morning Tea-tray

The essential characteristic of the early morning tray should be its dainty freshness. A pretty blue-and-white tea-service is shown in the first illustration. For those who prefer coffee, a charming tray can be arranged as in our central illustration. The covered cup in the third illustration provides a really hot cup of tea, while the cup shown in the last picture has the practical arrangement of a saucer that will also accommodate the toast or dainty slice of bread-and-butter, usually served with morning tea. Fruit by some is preferred to either tea or coffee.

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  1. says: hels

    When I was a public servant, we always had 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon for tea. As soon as a conservative government got in, workers’ rights were diminished all over the place. Perhaps a quiet cup of tea wasn’t the worst loss, but it was significant to me. To this day, I cannot be productive and creative without a hot cuppa.

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