A Proper Early Morning Tea

Early morning tea, brought by a housemaid who lit the bedroom fire while the lady sipped her tea, was accompanied by paper-thin bread and butter, or plain biscuits: these were home-made, or probably Digestives at ninepence a pound, Osborne at sevenpence, or Thin Arrowroot at eightpence. The ritual of early morning tea was strictly observed in even moderately wealthy houses. — Kate Caffrey’s The 1900s Lady

Ty.phoo Tea and McVitie's Digestives

Ty.phoo Tea and McVitie’s Digestives from World Market

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2 thoughts on “A Proper Early Morning Tea”

  1. Staying with an old fashioned household in Cheshire in the 1960’s I was always served a small pot of tea accompanied by two slices of thin bread and butter when I was woken by the maid. The bread was thinly sliced in a way you can only do when the loaf is a day old. All very welcome as the bedroom had no heating and was freezing!

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