New York City

The Flatiron Building and 23 Skidoo!

I haven’t already noticed, I have a particular fondness for slang. Though the phrase “23 Skidoo” was popularized in the 1890s, it is indelibly associated with the strong draft of wind that whistles around the corner of the Flatiron Building (or Fuller Building) at 23rd Street. Meaning to scram, to get away, to hightail it …

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Being a Perfect Edwardian Hostess

Being a good hostess was an important role of the Edwardian woman. By keeping a good home and making guests welcome she could advance her husband’s career and increase her own social status. Parties were a huge undertaking, even with servants and the hostess was expected to have planned everything down to the tiniest detail. …

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The Parisian Woman at Her Toilet

The life of a Parisian élégante is far from being an idle one; it is, on the contrary, a prodigiously active and frightfully exhausting life, which no one can lead with success who is not endowed with executive ability and great nervous endurance. The cares of the toilette, the daily succession of visits, receptions and …

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