Dressing for an Edwardian Pandemic: The Spanish Flu of 1918

As the influenza pandemic, known colloquially as “la grippe” or the Spanish Flu, spread across the globe, governments and health officials immediately began to call for the use of masks as a solution to keep more people from getting sick. Soon, the streets were filled with people wearing these gauze masks, much to the tut-tutting …

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Downton Abbey

Downton Recaps: Episode Six, Season Two

Just in time for le jour d’amour (forgive my bad French), we have Tasha’s recap of Sunday night’s episode of Downton Abbey. As always, thank you to Downton Online for the screencaps! Holy cannoli, Downton Abbey is going to go on forever tonight. Anywho… what would I like to see this week? It would be …

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