Sin and Scandal: The de Saulles Murder Case

I stumbled across a mention of this murder while writing up Tuesday’s post on jazz and jazz musicians in interwar Britain, and had to do some digging! I turned up a plethora of New York Times articles–which, incidentally, made up the bulk of the Wikipedia pages for Blanca and John. The furor surrounding this murder …

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Gladys de Grey and Covent Garden

When the Countess de Grey was not indulging in the opulent parties and affairs of the Marlborough House Set, she turned her attentions to reversing the decline of the Royal Italian Opera House (colloquially known as “Covent Garden”). By the 1880s, opera in England was lackluster and unexciting, and the Gye family, who managed the …

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The Original Lady Diana

As one Lady Diana married the Prince of Wales in 1981, another Lady Diana–one just as heralded, just as admired, and just as idolized in her day–was soon to turn 89 in August. This Lady Diana was also one of the last links (if not the actual last) to the glittering world of Edwardian high …

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