Wintering Along the Riviera

Until the popularity of tanning in the 1920s and 1930s, the French Riviera, which stretched along the beautiful southern coast of France from Hyères to Mentone, was démodé for the upper crust during the summer. As such, the Edwardians considered it a winter playground, during which January was its high point. During the Riviera Season, …

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Edith Wharton & Autumn in the Berkshires

I don’t know about you, but I love the change from summer to autumn, when the temperature cools, the leaves change color, and there is something fresh and exciting in the air! For our Gilded Age counterparts, the change in season meant leaving Newport and preparing for the New York season, which was book-ended by …

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Scenes at a Very Sunny Ascot

A Perfect Ascot Week It is not often in England that we are favoured with such a week of glorious weather as we were favoured with for Ascot, and the attendance and the frocks, therefore, at the famous meeting were, of course, even greater and more noticeable than usual. I must confess I enjoyed Ascot, …

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