The Cairo Season

The rush of Egyptologists both aspiring and professional to Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century opened more than sarcophagi. Once the health benefits of a spell in Egypt reached European and American ears, the Pyramids witnessed an influx of invalids, and the establishment of a British protectorate over Egypt and the Sudan brought …

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300 Years of the Royal Ascot

This year marks the three hundred year anniversary of the Royal Ascot, and incidentally, is also the one hundred and one year anniversary of the infamous “Black Ascot,” which commemorated King Edward VII, who died in May of 1910. The history of the Ascot is traced back to 1711, when Queen Anne developed a taste …

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Amusements Holidays

An Edwardian Mardi Gras

Though the common perception of Mardi Gras links it with New Orleans, the tradition began in Mobile, Alabama in 1703, as that city was the capital of the territory of Louisiane (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama). The Carnival season in New Orleans began with the grand ball of the “Twelfth Night Revellers,” on January 9, and …

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