WWI Wednesday: Pipes, Cigarettes, & Cigars!

The Edwardian era saw the beginnings of the glamorous (for women) and rugged (for men) image of smoking later promulgated in advertisements and cinema. The convention of an after-dinner glass of port with a cigar trickled downwards from the aristocracy to the middle classes during the high Victorian era, and the Prince of Wales (later …

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Smoking Etiquette

Smoking in the nineteenth century underwent many amusing changes, per the advice of etiquette books. Guides to modern behavior once stressed how vulgar it was to smoke, but when ladies took up the habit, it behooved these arbiters of social instruction to catch up with the times. From 1844’s Hints on etiquette and the usages …

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Antiques Fashion

Vesta Cases

As I browsed the antiques section of ebay, I stumbled upon a number of listings for small, rectangular silver items called “vesta cases”. This unknown item, apparently quite popular in Victorian/Edwardian eras, made me curious and I immediately went on a hunt for more information. These pocket-sized cases for carrying matches took their name from …

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